Evail Oil specialises in trading operations with heavy fuel oil, shale oil and other heavy oil products on the internal and external markets. Having successfully built strong relationships with the largest oil traders and oil companies of the European Union and Russia, our undertaking sets its sights on meeting  the needs of our clients to the fullest extent possible while offering flexible pricing.

Our experience in trading on the market of oil products gives us the confidence to guarantee excellent quality of products and timely performance of the obligations assumed. We take a personalised approach to cooperation and always keep in mind the specific character of work and the expectations of our clients.

We are ready to provide the most convenient ways of shipping goods: by road, by rail and by tankers with a capacity of 5 to 80 kilotons. By constantly enhancing its facilities and infrastructure and extending its tank farm, Evail Oil is able to store, dispatch and transport fuel to any region within a very short time frame.