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The blending of products is a very complex process with a large number of components involved. The final product is measured on the basis of various parameters and bringing each of them as closely as possible to the maximum permitted norm leads to tangible savings. It is these factors that make blending such an important procedure.

Evail Oil offers the services of blending two or more types of fuel and adding other components to get products with predetermined characteristics.

The production takes place by way of blending (compounding) various components and additives in special blending devices according to a pre-designed formula.

The process consists of the following operations:

loading of components into available tanks and containers;

analysis of the quality of components to be used for blending;

determination of the optimal formula for the product to be blended and calculation of the amounts that will be required;

blending of components in special blending devices;

analysis of the quality of the final product.

To carry out measurements, assess the physical and chemical parameters of quality of oil products and devise formulas, we use the services of our own accredited laboratory and have contracts with the leading independent inspection companies. This helps us guarantee the high quality of our service.